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DS UK Training is a well-established driver training academy, providing a high standard of training in all aspects of driving and road safety. We work with a number of national utility companies, local authorities and private sector companies to provide B+E training.

We also provide B+E training to individuals who need to tow, for example a caravan, horsebox, or who need this category on their licence for work. See the B+E page on our website for more information.

The services we offer basically cover three core disciplines, namely: -

Towing a Trailer or Caravan? You Could be Breaking the Law!

Towing in Action If you passed your driving test on or after 1st January 1997 A B+E driving licence is required to tow a trailer behind a vehicle where the combined maximum authorised mass of the vehicle and trailer exceeds 4250kg i.e. a fully laden transit van weighing 3500kg m.a.m can only tow a 750kg trailer m.a.m. A trailer is anything that is towed by a vehicle e.g. Horse boxes, Box trailer, a caravan, Car transporters etc.

For an explanation of the different licence categories, visit www.directgov.uk.



Under the new Road Traffic & Health & Safety at work Act 2008 plus the new Corporate Manslaughter April 08, employers have a duty of care to ensure the safety of employees driving for work.



The revised legislation makes it easier to prosecute large and medium sized organisations for manslaughter following a work related death. Put simply, prosecutors will no longer have to identify the single individual, director, or senior manager responsible before they can bring criminal proceedings.


HSE may prosecute either or both the Employer & Employee for any contravention of their duties. DS UK can provide training to all drivers from cars & vans to LGV. We can also provide CPC & Midas.


All drivers will benefit from a comprehensive road risk assessment, which can simply highlight any fault drivers can pick up over many years of driving.


Our trainers will develop the skills drivers already have and improve them to a safer and more advanced level. All DS UK trainers are minimum DSA & ADI fleet registered trainers with many years’ experience. Find out more...

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